NY Forward Grant Application for the Village of Orchard Park

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Dear Business Owners and Community Leaders,
The Village of Orchard Park is applying for a NY Forward grant. Previous winning grant applications have included letters of support from local businesses and not-for-profit organizations explaining the importance of grant money to their municipalities.
The grant application is due next Friday (9/23). We are hoping to have the letters in our possession no later than Wednesday 9/21. If you are able to write a letter of support, you can email PDF or Word format files to bill@thecomingwave.com. If you are unable to submit the letter electronically, please send an email to the above address so we can make arrangements to have it picked up.
You can download the following materials to assist in the creation of your letters of support …

Letters should be signed and printed on your company/organization’s letterhead.

On behalf of the Village of Orchard Park and the Orchard Park Chamber of Commerce, thank you for your support!